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These lists have been made up from headstones, council records and some Death Certificates. However if you can't find a person you are sure was buried at that cemetery then, the chances are that the grave simply does not have a headstone. This is quite common in gold rush cemeteries. If you can provide me with proof (i.e. copy of death certificate etc.) then I will be happy to add that burial to my lists.

Headstone transcripts are available for most of the names listed in the above cemeteries, and for some other local cemeteries. Please email

I do not charge for this service, but appreciate some information in exchange so that we can help other researchers

Photos of all headstones in the public cemeteries at Trunkey Creek, Neville, , Abercrombie, Caloola, both cemeteries at Hobbys Yards, and Arkell (Long Swamp) are NOW AVAILABLE - at a small cost or in exchange for copies of Death Certificates etc,

Please email for more information

Other cemeteries close to Trunkey Creek include Barry, Wrens Nest, Tuena, Moorilda (Teapot Swamp), Newbridge, etc.